How do I cite and reference the content created by generative AI tools?


Generative AI tools create text, images, video, audio and more based on input data or parameters entered by the user. You need to confirm with your facilitator that you are allowed to use generative AI tools before including them in your assessments, and you must acknowledge their use.

Attribution and acknowledgement are essential to the ethical use of generative AI tools in your assessments and are part of your commitment to academic integrity. If you are using an AI tool that generates part of your work, the faculty member that grades your work needs to know exactly which parts are your own work and where the rest was sourced from.

If you are using AI tools in academic research, always critically evaluate the information you would like to use before you include it in your work.

Currently, there are no official APA guidelines for the citation and referencing of generative AI. Please, be aware that referencing recommendations may change in the future. In the meantime, please, use the referencing guidelines for AI generated content outlined in the APA Referencing guide. 

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