I'd like to make a complaint, what do I need to do?


SAE is committed to providing a high quality student experience.

However, it is recognised that students will sometimes become dissatisfied with a service we have provided or failed to provide. We know that there may be disagreement regarding progression decisions, the outcome of a refund request or how the regulations have been applied.

Formally recognised complaints only pertain to the following items:

  • The quality and standard of any service we provide;
  • Our failure to provide a service;
  • Our failure to follow appropriate administrative process;
  • An application of the regulations;
  • The quality of your learning experience;
  • Unfair treatment;
  • Inappropriate behaviour by a student or staff member;
  • Harassment;
  • Dissatisfaction with University policy.

Please note that items defined as hearsay or unsubstantiated will be not be possible to pursue for formal grievance. Complaints involving the conduct of one or more individuals must have occurred either on SAE grounds or through an SAE affiliated platform.

When submitting a complaint, please provide details to the following items:

  • Tell us as much as you can about the complaint;
  • What has gone wrong exactly;
  • How you would like us to resolve the matter;
  • What evidence you have to support your complaint.

Prior to lodging a formal complaint, a student who is aggrieved should seek to speak directly with the person perceived to be the cause of the alleged grievance in a spirit of goodwill intended to resolve the matter. If that process does not lead to a satisfactory resolution then the student should discuss the issue either with the relevant Student Experience Officer (SEO) or with the Programme Co-ordinator.

If a resolution is not agreed, then the matter should be referred to the Campus Director through the official Grievance form.

Formal Grievance Form

A full list of Grievance procedure stages, as well as other details about the process can be viewed in the G05 Students Complaint Policy and Procedure.

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