Can I contest my assignment grade?


If you wish to contest the outcome of an assignment, SAE policy requires that you bring these up informally with your Programme Coordinator. This should take place as soon as possible and normally within five working days of the grade release.

If a resolution is not agreed, then the matter should be referred to the Academic Coordinator through an Official Grievance form.

Reasoning for contesting grades must fall within those outlined in the A07 Academic Grievance Policy.

Normal grounds for lodging an academic grievance include:

  • Performance in an assessment suffered through illness or other factors which the student was unable to or, for valid reasons, unwilling to disclose before the results were awarded. A grievance under such grounds will normally be dismissed unless an acceptable explanation, supported by evidence, is given for not presenting the extenuating circumstances in advance of the results having been awarded;
  • An assessment or an academic decision was not conducted in accordance with the approved SAE Institute programme regulations or approved procedures;
  • There was a material administrative error in the conduct of an assessment or error in the calculation of a grade.

Students should also note that;

  • Dissatisfaction with an assessment outcome is not grounds for an academic grievance;
  • Academic grievances may be made against formal decisions i.e. once grades for an assessment item or a module or course have been formally communicated to a student;
  • SAE Institute will not normally accept academic grievances based on a claim by students of ignorance of the rules or policies i.e. that they did not know or fully appreciate the assessment regulations and procedures, or that they were unaware of the grievance procedure, or their rights and responsibilities, which includes the process for presenting extenuating circumstances;
  • If the academic grievance relates to an issue covered within or associated with the terms of a non-academic grievance, then that procedure should be fully completed before this academic grievance procedure is initiated;
  • Any other matters relating to rules and procedures should be raised with the Academic Coordinator (AC) or the Student Experience Manager in the first instance and may be dealt by way of the Non-Academic Grievance Policy.
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